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  • My child isn't potty trained. Is that ok and is there an additional fee?
    It's 100% perfectly OK, and there is no additional fee. We actively work with parents to help potty train their child. But we do it in a relaxed and no pressure kind of way. Nothing spoils potty training faster than pressure. If let up to their own devices, they will often simply tell you when they're ready to start acting like a big boy or girl like their peers. Wanting what you can't have, and not what is forced upon you, is the most basic human response. This response, is at its most apparent in young children..
  • Can I celebrate my child's birthday at High Definition Kids Pre-School?
    Yes, we LOVE birthdays, the kids like to celebrate together. Most of the time parents will bring in cake, cookies, or cupcakes for afternoon snack (at 3:00pm). You can bring them in the morning when you drop him/her off, or bring them later, which ever you prefer:) We will make him/her a birthday hat, shower them with praise, and we will all sing happy birthday.
  • Do parents still have to pay during vacations, holidays, and personal/sick days?"
    Yes, regular payment rates apply for our vacations, your vacations, weeks with holidays, and provider's sick/personal days.
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